GE_ALSTOM 2018 Tallawarra HP DRUM replacement

High-Pressure Drum replacement and Pipes re-connection

 Client General Electrics
Location Tallawarra Power Station  (Energy Australia)
Job Title HP Drum Replacement
Service Pressure Vessels, Specialised Welding & Fabrication

Scope of Work

High Pressure drum replacement / Pipes Re-connection & Fabrication

Repair & add the valves / Adjacent structure reinforcement

Project Resourcing

Workshop personnel included Coded Welders and Boilermakers. The support team included Project Management, Quality Management, Project Engineering and Project Supervisor.

Project Achievements

We’ve proudly completed the project with high standard performance on schedule.

Due to the nature of the high-pressure drum handling, there were high standard requirements in Safety, Qualify and Project & Schedule management.

All procedures were qualified and approved by International and Australian clients prior to the project commencing

  • Zero (0) Lost Time Incident during the project (120days approx. 30-40 Manpower)
  • Zero failure rate on all welding; only one minor defect found out of 106 welding joints
  • 100% NDT conducted
  • Project delivered on time and on budget
  • Complete conformance to AS1210-2010 Class 1
  • Protech Welding Pty Ltd worked closely with the client nominated International Welding engineer/ consultant to ensure all project quality requirements where exceeded for the duration of the project


  • Project and quality management
  • Extensive interaction with our client to ensure a quality of the finished product was in line with practical requirements
  • Coordination of multiple subcontractors including, Lifting, NDR and Reinstatement.
  • Liaise with the client to ensure Manufacturers Data Report (MDR) contained the information required for future reference including as-built information and drawing updates.























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Veolia project

We were called in to Orora botany project to install various stainless steel piping to their new silo’s and pipe racks.

We completed the scope within time frames provided by our client to provide all clients with the desired outcome.


























Field & Class of Trades:           Special-Class Welders, Pipe Fitters and Mechanical fitters

Tradesmen Deployment:       Australia-Wide

Work Hours:                              5,760 man hours

Area of works:                          Orora

Total Crew Deployed:              11 Specialised, Qualified and Experienced Tradesmen

Total Lost Time:                       Nil









GE_ALSTOM Scheduled Shutdown, Mt Piper Power Station

SEP 2016 – OCT 2016.

Protech Welding  was given the opportunity to co-participate on the Mt Piper scheduled shutdown.

Initial crew of half a dozen carried out the ‘scope of works’.

Within the first week, Protech Welding  was requested to supply an additional team of 21 specialised tradesmen within 24 hours of notice.

Within the 2nd week, Protech Welding  was again requested to supply an additional team of 16 specialsed tradesmen within 18 hours of notice.

Supply, Operate, Manage and Documentation support was also provided as a complimentary service to ensure the Shutdown progressed on time and within budget.


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KakaoTalk_20161013_162551195          KakaoTalk_20161013_162708173



Field & Class of Trades:           Special-Class Welders, 1st Class Boilermakers, and Advanced Riggers

Tradesmen Deployment:       Australia-Wide

Work Hours:                              24hrs (12hr shifts , 6 weeks)

Area of works:                          Air Heater, Panel Tubes (347H Stainless Steel), Plates, Economiser,Swing Stages in the Boiler
                                                      where after GE ALSTOM / ENERGY AUSTRALIA’s survey was conducted.

Total Crew Deployed:             43 Specialised, Qualified and Experienced Tradesmen

Total Lost Time:                       Nil

VISY (Coolaroo) Scheduled Shutown

20th of Dec. – 27th of Dec. 2015

Visy colaroo - shutdown1When it was time for the next phase of shutdown works for VISY’s Coolaroo CEP (VIC), Protech Welding P/L was the first contact on the list to manage, operate and deliver the shutdown project! Protech Welding assigned 22 Special-Class tradesmen working in a 24 hour (12 hr shifts) rostering cycle to replace a 1 inch stainless steel single tube on a Super-Heater as well as other patch works and refinements.

Again, Protech Welding P/L outperformed VISY’s expectation and as a result have secured the appointment to carry-out the next scheduled shutdown project due in March, 2016.


DME Eng Services (Warragamba)

16th of Nov. – 18th of Dec. 2015

Working closely with DME Engineering Services throughout the prior VISY shutdown projects opened a new opportunity for Protech Welding P/L to work with DME Eng Services directly and exclusively. DME required 7 Special-Class tradesmen to attend their workshop located at Warragamba, NSW.

The project required our team to operate a 12 hour shift to complete numerous WIP (Working-In-Progress) projects including structures and high pressure boilers by the delivery deadline. The successful completion of each assigned project has led to a 12 month contractual supply agreement.

DME wrgarbl

VISY (Tumut)

5th of Nov. – 17th of Nov. 2015

Visy Tutmut1With the exceeding job performance and successful completion of VISY’s Coolaroo shutdown project, Protech Welding P/L was given an urgent call. The VISY Kraft Mill Plant (Wagga Wagga, NSW) shutdown project was well underway prior to Protech Welding’s intervention. However, due to the increasing dissatisfactory work performance by the previous trades team, VISY extended the need for immediate replacement. Once our Specialised Team of 4 tradesmen attended to the site, the shutdown project was back on schedule and most importantly, back to the Highest Quality Standards as expected by VISY.


VISY (Coolaroo)

18th of Oct. – 29th of Oct. 2015

Visy logoAs part of Visy’s continual investment in clean energy, their second clean energy plant located in Coolaroo, VIC was due for a scheduled shutdown.

Over the course of 11 days, 27 tradesmen were deployed in a 24 hour (12hr shifts) rostering cycle. Protech Welding P/L was given the opportunity to display exceptional operational skills and people management skills, as well as outstanding Special-Class skills.

As a result, Protech Welding P/L was able to outperform VISY’s constringent and comprehensive QC (Quality Control). With successful completion of the Coolaroo shutdown project, VISY has extended their acceptance of Protech Welding P/L as their preferred Special-Class tradesmen supplier with the overall engineering aspects managed by DME–Engineering Services P/L.

Visy colaroo1