buy modafinil in india Client   AGL Energy Limited Location Bayswater Power Station\ Job Title High Energy Piping & SPE/FAC & Tapping point Service Welding / Heat treatment / Scaffolding / Machining / Equipment and tool supply

Scope of Work & Summary of Work Progress

Replacement of main steam drains and “T” section include branch and weld repairs.

Install additional new pressure and temperature tapping points.

Inspection to determine the ongoing fitness for services.

Project Resourcing

Workshop personnel included Coded Welders and Boilermakers. The support team included Project Management, Quality Management, Project Engineer and Project Supervisor. Protech Welding putted more than 29,000 hours with Zero LTI & MTI for total duration of the work (91days).

*Protech Welding Total Man Hours and Duration of the project

Man hrsAchievementDuration
29,736ZERO LTI & MTI91 Days

*Health, Safety and Environment Statistics

1SIF – Serious Impact FatalityNone
2LTI – Lost Time InjuryNone
3MTI – Medical Treatment InjuryNone
4FAI – First Aid Injury1
5SWA – Stop Work AuthorityNone
6Near Miss Level 3None
7Near Miss Level 2None
8Near Miss Level 12
9Environmental IncidentsNone

*Health, Safety and Environment Performance (Inc. Subcontractors))

1Safety Interaction105
2Group Take 5’s1,396
3Passive Alcohol Test (Random)Random
4Supervisor Site Walks65
5Critical Control Check6

Project Achievements

We’ve proudly completed the project with high standard performance on schedule.

All procedures were qualified and approved by International and Australian standards prior to the project commencement

  • Zero (0) Lost Time Incident during the project
  • Project delivered on time and under budget
  • Protech Welding Pty Ltd worked closely with the client nominated Welding engineer/ consultant in headquarter to ensure all project quality requirements were exceeded for the duration of the project

*Project Weld Achievement

DescriptionTotal Weld JointsTotal DNCWeld Failure Rates
LB-02 – MS B & C Drain Pot T150 %
LB-02 – LP Bypass T10110 %
LB-02 – MS to HP Bypass T40 %
LB-02 – MS B FW07 Repair10 %
LB-01 – Contingency MS- A20 %
MA-01 – Tapping Point270 %
CMR 235 & Valves – LAD01-01180 %
CMR 235 – LAC01-03110 %
CMR 235 – LBC01-0340 %
Total Weld Achievement9211.08%


  • Extensive interaction with our client to ensure quality of finished product was in line with practical requirements, especially to set up the repair methodology in the beginning stage.
  • Project and quality management
Item No.Highlights Description
1Dashpivot: Contactless Sign & Out, HSE Management Document
2Pipe Covers & Drop Zone Prevention around Floor Penetrations
3Take 5 Draw (Bunnings Voucher)
4Alcohol Tester in place
5Rigging Tool Box Arrangement & Cabinet
6Permit Board with extra slots for supporting documents
7Drop Prevention installed around work areas (Leather Blankets, plywood, Shade cloth and Uni-mesh)
8Water Station at Level 2

Project Images