EA Tallawarra Power Station Emergency Shutdown Works

http://great-smoky-mountains-park.org/plan-your-visit Client   Energy Australia

http://wisdomspot.org/2015/10/14/in-the-memory-of-my-mother/ Location Tallawarra Power Station in Yallah, NSW

Alquízar Job Title Emergency Shutdown Works

Mysore Service Welding / Heat treatment / Equipment and tool supply

Scope of Work

  • IP Bypass Valve Cap and Mesh
  • Condenser Wall Crack Repair
  • GT Exhaust Repairs

Project Resourcing

Workshop personnel included Coded Welders and Boilermakers. The support team included Project Management, Quality Management, Project Engineer and Project Supervisor.

Documents Supplied

  • WPS & PQR
  • Crew Qualification
  • Completion Report
  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP)

*Protech Welding Man Hours

Period No.Man hrsAchievementDuration
Protech Welding863.5ZERO LTI & MTI9 Days

*Health, Safety and Environment Performance (Inc.Subcontractors)

1Safety Interaction7
2Group Take 5’s55
3Passive Alcohol Test (Random)N/A
4Supervisor Site Walks13
5Critical Control CheckVentilation Check

Project Achievements

We’ve proudly completed the project with high standard performance on schedule.

All procedures were qualified and approved by International and Australian standards prior to the project commencement:

  • Zero (0) Lost Time Incident during the project
  • Zero failure rate on overall welding
  • Project delivered on time and under budget
  • Protech Welding Pty Ltd worked closely with the client nominated Welding engineer/ consultant in headquarter to ensure all project quality requirements were exceeded for the duration of the project


  • Extensive interaction with our client to ensure quality of finished product was in line with practical requirements, especially to set up the repair methodology at beginning stage.
  • Project and quality management

Project Images