VISY (Coolaroo)

18th of Oct. – 29th of Oct. 2015

Visy logoAs part of Visy’s continual investment in clean energy, their second clean energy plant located in Coolaroo, VIC was due for a scheduled shutdown.

Over the course of 11 days, 27 tradesmen were deployed in a 24 hour (12hr shifts) rostering cycle. Protech Welding P/L was given the opportunity to display exceptional operational skills and people management skills, as well as outstanding Special-Class skills.

As a result, Protech Welding P/L was able to outperform VISY’s constringent and comprehensive QC (Quality Control). With successful completion of the Coolaroo shutdown project, VISY has extended their acceptance of Protech Welding P/L as their preferred Special-Class tradesmen supplier with the overall engineering aspects managed by DME–Engineering Services P/L.

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